Sunday, February 26, 2012

I have your answers...

Well... several of you continue to read my blog and replied to my  Ask Wednesday segment, so here are the questions that were asked... and my answers...

Erik: TP: Over the roll or behind the roll?
I prefer over the roll... and honestly, it really pisses me off when I go to a public bathroom and it is done behind the roll... just one of my pet peeves I guess..

Anne Marie: does jeff do anything that annoys you to distraction?

Yes... when he brushes his teeth, he scrubs his tongue and his gag reflex kicks in and it sounds like he is hocking up a lung... every morning... arghhh!!!  I am sure there are other things too, but that one comes to mind because he was just brushing his teeth..

Jay: Question: How did it go?
This was in regards to my power point presentation... and it went well.  I think the people got the point of why their clients should have life insurance and why they should be the ones to sell it to them and make good money doing so.

UrSpo: Pizza; tell me about your pizza preferences and where you go to get some.
I love me a meat lovers pizza... forget the veggies... just throw pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, ham, bacon.... mmmmm... up until recently, the hamburger pizza from Mary Angelas was my fav,  but then I tried Kitchen 64's personal pizza and with bacon, chorizo sausage, and ham... it is awesome... Xtra's personal pizza is also pretty good... as for a chain pizza, Pizza Hut thin crust of any kind...mmmm.... otherwise I like to take a frozen cheese pizza, add cheddar cheese and do my own toppings at home... you can make a $2 pizza taste like a $20 specialty pizza...


Ur-spo said...

thank you!
I know what to give you when you come to town (with the Fresca drink too!)

RawForReal said...

Just my opinion: Upstairs bathroom TP hangs along the wall, but downstairs bathroom TP goes over the top (logistical issue). 2) Ask Jeff to brush his tongue from side to side rather than from front to back (or vice versa). Gag reflex is at the back of one's tongue (Trust me, I know.) 3) You can't make a $2 pizza taste like a $20 pizza, but I buy dough from my pizza guy & make my own. Favorite toppings are Italian sausage with fresh garlic and with thinly sliced red onions. Use lots of garlic & onions unless you have plans for later in the evening! Hugs!