Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday answers... Gym Pet Peeves

I am no gym rat by any stretch of the imagination, but there are several things that just erk the hell out of me sometimes when I go.

Slamming of locker doors.  I am a person on edge already, but everytime a locker door slams I flinch.  I mean it seems most everyone just lets if slam, echoing through locker room like a shot fired.  It's loud and it's ridiculous.  Maybe the gym hould put some kind of little padding to help with it.

Cell phones.  Yes, I carry min around with me because all my music is on it and that is what I listen to while working out.  I admit to checking emails or texts while at gym, but no one can hear phone ring or beep.  I have it on vibrate.  I hate it when someone is in the locker room, where the sounds carries anyway, and they are carrying on a conversation very loudly, even if not loud it still seems it.  One queen in my gym got pissed when, after at least 10 minutes of conversation in locker room on phone, a gym employee asked him to end the conversation or take it out somewhere else... the guy got all pissed...and he was queeny... I also hate it when people are on the cardio equiptment talking on their phones like they are just walking down a sidewalk and no one is around.  Come on!  You are on the machine for 30 minutes or so.  Just hold off on taking the call, or at least stop and go to the lobby area to talk or wait until you are in your car.  Talking about your friends date last night is not that important.

People who use equiptment and then do not attempt to wipe it off.  Enough said.  It's rude.

The guys who shower and then walk all over the locker room without wiping off, dripping water everwhere and then leave a huge puddle in front of their locker.  Rude.  Wipe off in the shower or just outside of it.

Guys who are so concerned that someone may look at their "package" that they do everything possible to make sure they get their pants on and off without anyone being able to see it.  It's a gym.  Get over it.  While, like others, I don't like to see the guys who prance around naked showing off like a peacock, I do think that the 4 seconds it takes for you to drop your towel and pull up your underwear is not going to be that bad.  I mean I am not the most endowed man in the world (far from it), but I don't practically fall down trying to hide my stuff while getting dressed or undressed.

The creepy guy who keeps his water bottle in his locker so he can come back  in the locker room every 5 mins to get a sip.  Really?  Take it with you.  The cardio machines have cup holders.  You can sit the water next to the weight bench or you can drink out of the water fountain provided by the gym.  Coming back into the locker room so many times during your workout is creepy and it seems everytime you see me go into the locker room, you are in there to get a drink, and then happen to come back a few minutes later once I have gotten out the shower.  Creepy.

Finally, I hate getting busted watching a guy workout or walk by my machine.  I admit I like to see the eye candy.  My gym has a lot of  it on any given day.  Sometimes I get caught taking a longer look than I probably should... I try to blow it off my slightly turning my eyes to whatever TV may be about where they are working out.  And in the locker room I really do my best to keep my eyes to myself, since I know how creepy it makes me feel when I think someone may be starring at me.

Feel free to comment or leave your additional pet peeves in the comment section.  Thanks!!  Happy Sunday!


Donnell said...

My pet peeve is sex in the gym. I'm there to work out. Yes I enjoy the eye candy too, who doesn't. But if I want a quick fuck I'll got to a bath house or home and call a fuck buddy. I don't need to see you giving/receiving head in the steam room or be offered your hard-on in the sauna.
I don't have an issue with the shy to show guys. There are some very conservative people out there and who am I to judge them.

anne marie in philly said...

I WISH there was some eye candy at my gym; alas, there is not. poor me.

the water bottle in the locker guy? I would mention him to the staff; that is TOO creepy.

Ur-spo said...

My pet peeve is I don't get no sex at the gym.