Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perfect Couple?

Okay... this has been floating around the interwebs all day.  Neil Patrick Harris and his hubby David Burtka on the cover of the Love Issue of OUT (like you could not read that).  Anyway, could this be a Hollywood Power Couple.  I mean, they are both good looking.  They are rich.  Famous.  Have two adorable kids. Apparently wear the same size shoes and clothing.  Play well together in public, but admit to a few tiffs here and there in private. One of them has to be straight!  There is no way there could be a gay couple this perfect in Hollywood/on Broadway.  Honestly, I did not like NPH as a kid, but as I have seen  him grow up, come out, perform and interview, I have great respect for him and his husband.  They seem like a good couple, but so do many others in the spotlight, but this one seems really good, at least I hope.  Do you think they would want to adopt a daddy? Or, how long before a sex tape of the two is leaked?  (soon I hope).  The good thing about these two is that they are living their lives like any other couple in Hollywood or the rest of the US... they just happen to be two men who love each other and don't give a shit about what people think.  The ones they love, love them and they move on and are very successful.  KUDOS!!  (Did I mention they are both HOT as hell!)


anne marie in philly said...

bloddy HAWT! I'd hit them both! suck it, santorum!

Nathan said...

This is such a great cover and I love the story about them. It makes me happy to see a positive example of a family with two dads. Wonderful! :)