Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union?

Just watched the President deliver his State of the Union address...not bad, not good, not anything...what was interesting was the Democrats response from my fair Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia...I applaud the Dems for their choice...well, at least now I do...they were smart for once...With such a line down the isle in DC, lets bring in a Dem. Governor in a Conservative state and let him give the response...whats to loose...well in this case, what's to win...maybe the Presidency in 2008...how?? MARK WARNER...he was the Democrat Governor of Virginia for the last four years and has been talked about as a possible candidate for President in 2008...well if Gov. Kaine did not sing the kudos of bi-bi-partisanship in our Commonwealth over last four years one time, he did it at least 20 times. Pushing the success of Virginia and overcoming a deficit and then becoming the best run state in the country, Kaine was pushing the success of Virginia, which will surely lead to former Governor Mark Warner using this as his national stepping stone into the Oval Office...here is a big KUDOS to the Dems for finally thinking one out (intensionally or not)...They have set Mark Warner up for a good run for Office (that is with a capital O)...Get a National audience listening to the wonders Virginia has accomplished in the last four years...here is my pat on the back to the Democrats...I hope Mark Warner runs...

And the Oscar goes too....well, we have to wait for that.

Today was the day Hollywood has been buzzing about for months now...the annoucement of the Oscar Nominations...They will officially be handed out on Sunday, March 5th...

The Martini glasses are chilling and I have stocked up on Cosmo supplies...I am an awards show freak and the Oscars are the ones to watch...for the most part...and this year will be a very interesting year as many of the box office smashes of the year, recieved few, if any nods from Oscar. Also, many of the films nominated this year weigh heavy on the gay theme and have main gay characters. How will this play with all those conservatives who have been voting against Gay Rights all across the country...we will see...So who were the big winners today??

Brokeback Mountain leads the way this year with 8 nominations including Best Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography and Original Score. If this movie wins the big award of the night, it will be the first time that a movie with a main gay storyline and characters will have taken the honor. Right now it is the front runner, but stranger things have happened with the Academy...I predict they will get 4.
(Movie, Director, Cinematography and Adapted Screenplay)

Crash also did well today with 6 Oscar nods for Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actor, Orginal Screenplay, Editing, and Original Song. This movie is a great movie that dives into the lives of quite a few people in LA and how racism effects them all in different ways...pretty much nailing society on the head. This one could be the one to upset a few categories. I predict they will win 1. (Original Screenplay)

Good Night and Good Luck also walked away with 6 nods today. It got nods for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Original Screenplay, Cinematography, and Art Direction. The movie takes you back to the day of McCarthy and the Red Scare and how the media pushed the limits and risked being blacklisted. This is a breakout film for Clooney, but may have a tough go at it with the Oscars. I predict 1 (Art Direction)

Capote is up for 5 awards this year. It is up for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Adapted Screen Play, and Supporting Actress. Following the life of writer Truman Capote, Phillip Seymore Hoffman is the front-runner for the Best Actor in his role as Capote, the flamboyant writer who dives deep into the subject of his next book. I think this movie will walk away with 1 win...Best Actor.

Munich has also received 5 noms this year. Best Picture, Director, Editing, Original Score, and Adapted Screenplay. Follows the story behind the deaths of the Olympic Athletes in 1972. Steven Spielberg headed up this effort, but it may not be enough to get any of the statues. My prediction: 0 (zero)...while it may be a good flick...others just may have the edge.

The true catfight will take place in the Best Actress category this year...Felecity Huffman vs. Reese Witherspoon...I can't wait for this one....

So there are my intial predictions...I will post more as we get closer to the day...

Coretta Scott King 1927-2006

ALL Civil Rights Movements have lost another great fighter...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Cops or Suspects? Who's at fault?

I have to say that I am little torn right now...Sunday found a City of Richmond Police Officer gunning down someone, who then died...and on top of that, a friend of the Harvey family who was slain on New Years Day, gets on national television bitching about being interrogated about the four murders.

First let me say, it is a tragedy what happened to these families and all those who loose loved ones to such senseless killings....but here is where I have problems...

For the Harvey family murders...the gentleman on Dateline last night was a little pissed that the Richmond City Police Department were questioning him so much about his relations with the family and being in a band with the father...looking at song lyrics from way back when...to this guy I say this, if you are not guilty, don't worry about it...answer the questions and let the cops rule you out as a suspect...yes it is hard to loose friends and family, but the police have to do their job in hopes of finding the people who may have any clue as to what happened, and maybe, just maybe something you say or did may lead to the arrest of the real criminals...dont whine about the cops doing their job...help them and dont trash them on national television...

For the woman whose husband was shot in her own front yard this weekend, I feel terrible. No one should have to watch a loved one die in that manner, or any manner for that reason. With what I am about to say, I do not assume that this gentleman is guilty of anything, but if he is not guilty of something...why run from the cops...keep your calm and go to jail if you need to for the night...get your lawyer and straighten it out...when you start running from the cops you are asking for trouble...and right or wrong the cop is going to react in a defensive manner...in this case he pulled the trigger and someone died...

What bothers me more is the group of people who have come running to this womans family preaching that the Richmond City Police acted wrongly...before we start assuming guilt...lets work with the police to investigate what happened...to one extent, putting pressure on the cops may someway help keep them honest, but it also is going to bring the family's actions in to light and how they were leading their lives..good, bad or indifferent...

The City of Richmond has a crime problem...the new Chief is working to fix this problem, but it seems, from my point of view that the communities where these crimes are taking place are not doing too much to help...there are spots of hope, but when you start the year off like we did here in Richmond this year, it kind of dims that hope...

If you are afraid of being hurt for turning someone in..call the tip lines that are plastered all over television...dont leave a name or contact info...but at least make the call and maybe get someone off the street and maybe save a life..it could be in your own...or for that matter, it could be mine...

Work together!

Weigh-in: 228.6

'Crash'...that's the sound of Brokeback not winning...

Tonight was the presentation of the Screen Actors Guild Awards...like the Globes, they honor Television and Big Screen. Not as many categories, but along the same lines. Brokeback Mountain came into the night with the most nominations, but walked away empty handed.
The big movie was 'Crash' for best ensemble cast...I have seen this movie and honestly, it was pretty damn good. So kudos..

The big winners of the night were Deseperate Housewives, as Felicity Huffman walked away with Best Actress in a Comedy Series and the series won for Best Ensemble Cast.

Felicity was also nominated for her role in Transamerica, but lost out to Reese Witherspoons role in 'Walk the Line'...

I am going to have to see this movie called 'The Constant Gardener', since Racheal Weisz has walked away with the Globe and SAG Awards for her role...

Dakota Fanning is so cool...she was introducing the Life Achievement Award to Shirley Temple Black and she was more well spoken than anyone else during the ceremony...if she keeps it up, she will be an awesome actress...stay away from drug dear!!

We did get to see two of the male actors from 'Lost' give each other a quick kiss on the lips on camera...hmmmm...

In the end..it looks like Phillip Seymore Hoffman will be a shoe-in for the Best Actor Oscar as he is racking up awards left and right...

I Love S. Epatha and her thanking her divorce lawyer...she ROCKS!!

Overall a pretty good evening...Kind of puts the breaks on Brokeback...but the Oscar nominations come out on Tuesday and we will see what happens next...hmmm could be interesting, since award season has been all over the place, except Phillip Seymore Hoffman...

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Am I a bad father???

So I actually drag my butt out of bed this morning, have a couple cups of coffee, watch CNN and surf the net for a bit. I then get dressed and go to the gym, then to Kroger for some groceries. When I leave I expect I will be gone about an hour and a half...so I leave the little one out...Pino (pictured above)...he is about 9 months old and soooo cute...but he is a puppy...he has chewed things up and is very high strung...but the one great thing is he does not potty in house...but the chewing is a problem...we have bought spray stuff to keep him from chewing things, but he has destroyed comforters, pillows, stuffed animals and chairs...he seems to love the crappy stuffing in these things...Well today when I got home from the grocery store...he had chewed our beautiful ratan chair in the living room...slid it across the floor in front of the fireplace and started chewing on the living room rug...I was furious...I grabbed him by the collar and took him to the chair and spanked him, shouting NO NO NO...I feel horrible...he looked so sad as I put him in "lock down" (that is our phrase for his crate when he is bad)...I have to say I am torn...I was sooo pissed off and then he looks soooo sad and hurt, probably thinking he did nothing wrong...I have to give it to you people who actually have kids and have to dicipline them...I can't imagine the guilt you feel if you spank your children...which I am all for by the way, it was good for me and should be good for others too...All I want is my puppy to behave and lay around and be lazy like other dogs and only chew the 14 or so chew toys he has lying around the house...ughhh...I feel guilty, especially now I hear him whinning upstairs in lockdown...I must resist the urge to let him out, at least for another 20 minutes or so...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Movie Post: 40 Year Old Virgin (2005 Video On Demand)

To tell you the truth I really did not have a desire to see this movie, but we decided to see what all the hype is about. Steve Carrell is pretty funny in this movie. I giggled a lot and actually enjoyed the movie. It was not as funny as I thought it would be, but it is pretty entertaining. The movie actually has a pretty serious plot and makes it funny along the way. If you have some time I would say this is a decent movie to rent. In my opinion though, it is no classic comedy, but still damn funny.

Rating: B

Movie Post: Stonewall (1996 LOGO on Demand)

Interesting movie set in NYC in the summer of 1969. A country boy goes to the big city to push for equality of homosexuals. He sneaks his way into The Stonewall Bar where he befriends and falls in love with one of the many drag queens who hang out there. Matty Dean finds himself defending the queens when the police raid the place. In 69' it was illegal in New York City to serve alcohol to homosexuals (crazy huh?) You learn a lot about what led to the ending of this movie...the Stonewall Riots. Considered the first real push for gay equality, the Riots took place after the death of gay icon Judy Garland. Is is said, her death was the straw that broke the camels back...This movie is a nice little love story with some very interesting characters on the side that make this worth watching. If you have LOGO television or if you have Comcast OnDemand, take 94 minutes to educate yourself and see a good movie to boot.

Rating: B+

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Interesting blog in and on Virginia?? Conservatives supporting gay marriage??

Is the state motto true? Lately, it has been a little dis-hearting...but I ran across this blog today...will the tides turn?...
Here is a link to comments on a blog about The Commonwealth of Virginia. The blog is, from what I see so far, a conservative blog, but the comments on a post there today has given me a little hope now that we will be voting on gay marriage in November. Link to the blog and comments on this issue HERE I think you will be surprised at what you read. Lots of valid points, but most from conservatives, and most, not in support of gay marriage, but support the right for that decision to be made by the persons involved, not the state. It is a pretty good read... The blog is called Sic Semper Tyrannis...

Weigh in: 225.4
Murders: 13

Good article...valid points...a must read.

I ran a across this article this morning while having my morning coffee. It was on one of the many sites I run across on a daily basis just to see what is going on. I am posting the whole article as it was written and I would recommed linking to the additional articles she makes reference to to get an even better understanding of what is going on. I think this really hits the nail on the head. When I get the chance, I may just forward this to all our politicians in the VA General Assembly...but that may be a little to late...hmmm

Brokeback System

By Cam Lindquist

Since I live in a medium sized town, Brokeback Mountain just opened here in my area last week. Hearing the buzz on TV, talking to friends in bigger cities who had seen it, and watching the trailers online I was pretty excited to see it for myself. We have two theaters in town that will normally show more liberally oriented flicks, especially independent once that create a buzz like Brokeback Mountain did.

I was in the very first showing of Brokeback when it came to The Terrace, a very small, two-screen first-run theater that shows popular documentaries, independent films, and other cultish movies that wouldn’t normally be picked up by a theater in a mid-sized town. I enjoyed the film immensely. Though some people are a bit more militant about whitewashing films for the masses I thought they blurred enough nudity and zoomed in above the shoulders during the sex scenes to make it tasteful. I don’t mind seeing good looking men naked or even going at it - don’t misunderstand. But a movie is a movie and not a porn flick; so in this case I have to go with the old adage “less is more."

I had thought about writing something about the film but by the time I got to see it everything that could be said had already been put out there. So I decided that, unlike most things in my life, I was going to let this be a personal experience and not put it in my column.

That’s until I was reading through the blog of this deaf gay guy named Ridor. Not that he needs any more free advertising; his blog is apparently infamous on the net (link below). But the hype is completely justified. The blog is not half way done - there are pictures, links, commentary, rants, raves… the whole bit. In any case, he read an article on Indystar.com that challenged any Christian, Conservative, or Republican to justify their stand against gay marriage in the wake of this scenario (link below).

The article, in a nutshell, tells of two men who fell in love back in 1977. One guy, with three kids in tow, followed the other to Bristow, Oklahoma. There they bought a ranch, raised the kids, and lived a quiet small-town life together. Fast-forward twenty two years. The kids are grown. One partner has tended the ranch and the other has put in years with Black and Decker. The partner with the company job, hence the stable income, has put everything in his name. But no worries because they have done all the paperwork to keep things in line; they each have a will that leaves everything to the other. But now it is 1999 and the partner with the company job has a stroke. One year later he passes away.

Then a cousin of the recently-deceased man comes out of the woodwork and contests the will on the grounds that domestic partnerships are not honored between people of the same sex in Oklahoma. He won in a court of appeals on the technicality that the will was short one signature.

So the rancher had to sell the farm that he had put his own heart, soul and life savings into. He sold the cattle they had raised and the profits were split among the living heirs; cousins and such. He moved to a small one-bedroom home with some acreage for his horses and dogs.

The saddest part of all of this? If they had been an unwed couple of the same sex, things probably would not have gone the same way. Under the common-law marriage act in Oklahoma, had the couple been heterosexual, there would have been ample proof to legitimize a common-law marriage and protect the ranch from seizure by the state.

This struck me hard for several reasons. First of all, the hope we all had in Brokeback Mountain - that Jack and Ennis might buy a ranch and life a nice little life together - is a farce. As we see here, we can’t even do that. The fact is that though it may seem obvious to you or me that a will or any legal document needs “X” amount of signatures, it is an easy error to make. A flaw can be found in almost any legal document and it can be turned into a loophole.

Jack and Ennis, had they been a real couple, might have addressed this in the early 1980s only for Ennis to lose the ranch to Jack’s ex-wife after his passing on a technicality. Not that she needed the money, nor did she even want the ranch. But like cousins and other family members who never approved of “that lifestyle” to begin with, they become vicious and greedy after the passing of their relative.

The other reason this story irked me is because the other evening I watched Chad Allen (Star of upcoming movie End of the Spear), conservative radio host Janet Parshall, R. Albert Mohler - president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Guy Padgett - openly gay former mayor of Casper Wyoming, on Larry King Live. The topic was gay marriage and the whole debate made me very disgusted. Each time the tides seemed to favor equality for the GLBT community, the conservatives would fall back to “Jesus loves you and Jesus is the only way to eternal salvation.”

The maddening part of the Jesus retort isn’t the message itself. It is a beautiful message with which I was raised and to which I subscribe. It was that it was used as a catch all in the same fashion a first grader would say “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.” If you don’t have an answer to a question that is relevant to the conversation, just say so. I wasn’t aware that first grade tactics were now acceptable in intellectual debates!

So all this boils down to what I think is a “Brokeback System.” Personally, I believe in full and total equality for all people. But I see how so many people, from their point of singular enlightenment, would object. But how can they stand by and allow children to be absorbed by a heartless foster system when one of the parental figures they grew up with is still willing to provide a loving home after the death of the biological parent. That anyone can sit by while a man’s home of twenty-two years is lost over a small error in a document when an entire community knows this to be his place is unconscionable.

The issue of what many of us want in the way of full equality isn’t even the forefront anymore. It is the issue of what we need. Should these loopholes negatively affect a heterosexual couple, you can bet the states would be out to fix them.

I can’t even believe I am saying this because my regular readers know how I feel about “Separate but Equal” legislation, but for goodness sake, isn’t all this enough? Can we, the law-abiding, tax paying, homosexual community members of Any City in Any State, USA please get something to protect us and our day-to-day lives? If you expect us to keep paying our taxes and abiding by the laws, then start treating us like citizens and not a second class, economically enhancing, indentured servant.

I apologize for ranting about something that I have ranted about plenty of times before, but I have come to the end of my rope here. And frankly, so should anyone who might be affected or who has any interest in civil justice. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. I would wager that greater fortunes than anyone reading this owns have been lost, so no one is exempt from the possibility of feeling these holes in our civil liberties.

Each time this happens it is a shame, a tragic shame. But none as tragic as when it happens to you.

Indystar.com’s Article
CNN Transcript

Queer·en·dip·i·ty noun: the uncanny gift to see the queer perspective in a seemingly straight existence. Cam Lindquist serves the GLBT community as an intuitive, specializing in finding the Queerendipity in every day life. E-mail Cam at CamLindquist@aol.com

© 2005 Cam Lindquist, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Been a day or two...

Don't really know what to say this evening...been a crazy week, to a certain extent. It looks like the Virginia General Assembly marches forward with the Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage.

Looks like Brokeback Mountain continues to rock at the box office and gathers a few more award nods...Oscar nods are Tuesday.

Been feeling extremely tired...thus not too much in the blogging arena...going to try and step that up as soon as I can get our taxes done and stop tying up the computer every night...

<----Pic is from our trip to Puerto Rico two years ago...I wanna go back this year...send donations to:

just kidding...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gettin' Hot in the hot tub...

How we spent our Saturday....from what I remember...hehehe....figured I have not posted pics of me in a while, so here ya go...this is about as naked as you will see me on here...hehehe...I am the one with dark hair and pink drink...Jeff is the other one...hehehe

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Movie Post: Cinderella Man 2005 (DVD)

You are not looking at the biggest Russell Crowe fan here, but I have to say overall he is a damn good actor, he just has a bad attitude in real life. Needless to say, in this movie he rocked. Very deserving of the praise he has been getting and the nomination from the Globes for Best Actor. I would not be surprised if he gets the nod from Oscar. He and Renee play husband and wife with 3 kids. He is a star boxer until he breaks his hand and the Great Depression set in. They struggle through some very tough times, but he gets his second chance at boxing. This is a very emotional movie about a real life person. His love for his family outweighs any pride or self degradation he has to go through and in the end it pays off. In the movie and in life James J. Braddock became a hero for those who were living in the Great Depression. If you have grandparents or parents who lived during this time, you get a very good idea of what many of these families went through during this time. I would say this is a must rent, even if you are not a sports fan...if you are a sports type person, you will appreciate it even more.
Rating: A

The Gayest thing I have ever seen...

I am sitting here having morning coffee watching the Today Show on a Saturday and have now seen the GAYEST thing I have ever seen...and I have seen a lot of gay things...Synchronized figure skating....and this is being done by a bunch of old geezers and they are all as gay as the day is long...jeeeeeze.... Apparently this is a growing thing and of course the one all male crew of approx. 480 across the country, are doing their thing on TODAY...I think I am going to go throw up my coffee now....must lay back down...help me...(if they post a pic on NBC I will link it here later today)....

Love thy neighbor??

This is just one of the cars that was in front of our house....it had steering column on roof before!
Okay...I have a few cocktails in me and don't really have much to say...okay, that is a lie...I have a gripe tonite..I live in a neighborhood where we have to park on the street. We have two cars and park one on the side street, but like to park one in front of the house (to keep an eye on it...sounds good)...well, I love my neighbors...for the most part they are pretty nice, but today I come home from work, and not able to park in front of our house...and there are not one, but two of the biggest piece of shit cars sitting on our corner, in front of our house! Now we do not live in the (Bill) Gates Mansion, nor do we live in a gated community of snooty uppercrust people, but this just pissed me off. I just want one spot in front of my house to park my middle class Dodge Stratus...not two pieces of crap that look like i live next to the city dump....ughhh... I digress
Weigh-in: 226.4
Murderwatch: 13 (?)

Friday, January 20, 2006

Limit: One drink at your weekend party...

One of my co-workers forwarded this to me...I just had to post it, and does anyone know where I can get those cups!!

I could not have said it better...

The following editorial in The Charlotte Observer, probably best describes the way America truly feels about same sex marriage and similar relationships. I could on an on right now, but I am short on time and will update this a little later, but just wanted to post this article now and get it out there. The editorial is fitting for the whole country, just not Charlotte, NC. Maybe I will forward it with comments later on to our wonderful General Assembly here in Virginia. Hmmm...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hmmm...what to say today??

Again I am torn with the good news/bad news day as far as politics go...

The Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marraige or any thing like it in Virginia, made it one more step in the wrong direction yesterday...so it looks like we are one step away from having to vote on the issue in this Novembers Elections...there are some slick politicians pushing this issue on the fast track this session....ughhh

On the other hand...after winning 4 Globes Monday night, Brokeback Mountain was the #1 Movie in the country on Tuesday according to Box Office reports...click here to see how it compared to others. Will it hold off through the weekend?? and How will it fare next week when the Oscar nods come out?

Does the fact that this movie has been in the top ten consistantly and continues to have one of the largest per screen draws...maybe the country as whole is willing to accept that love is love, no matter who you love...should be an interesting year...maybe I should start looking at jobs in Canada, where everyone is accepted...Montreal and Toronto are nice...Vancouver has the Olympics in 2010....hmmm...

I thinkI will start talking local politics on here too...we have a New Chief of Police and he got a kick in the pants with 7 murders in the first week of the year and then we have had several more since then. The New Years day murders have attracted national attention and the two men who were caught in PA, may be connected to others. We will see how this one pans out. It goes to show that the folks here in Richmond should worry more about keeping crime out the streets and not worry so much about who is placing personal ads on website...jeeeze!

For me the jury is still out with Mayor Douglas Wilder...I had the opportunity to meet and interview the former Virginia Governor, soon after he left office. At that time I found him to be a genuine, not shit kind of guy, and I am getting that same vibe as his reign as Mayor starts to take shape...he really isn't taking shit from no one and I look forward to see where he takes this city...it truly has potential if given the right direction.

Weigh-in: 225.4
Richmond Homicides: 12?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Maybe not tonite...

So I was soooo stoked about the Golden Globes and all the winners and I was going to post some things on here...well, I am somewhat tired and Commander in Chief is coming on here shortly so I am going to forgo a lengthy rant about anything today...Just going to take it easy, finish making my chicken salad and watch TV...Maybe I will catch up on blogging tomorrow night...

Weigh-in: 228.0 lbs.

The Good and the Bad

Quick post this morning as I try and wake up...

The good: Brokeback Mountain takes the gold, Felicity Huffman, Phillip Seymore Hoffman

The Bad: The Virginia General Assmbly is at it again, this is horrible: Click here

I will rant more on these tonite when I get home from work and the gym.

Yesterdays weigh-in: 228.6

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Gay Ole' Golden Globes

Felicity Huffman(Transamerica)...you go!! and Brokeback Mtn....Wahooo!!!! Sorry Heath, Anne, Jake and Michelle, but to get the overall nod...KUDOS!!! Phillip Seymore Hofeman..Capote!

Okay, I have had a few bottles of wine and want to rant about the Globes tonite,but I will have to wait until tomorrow to do that as I gather my thoughts...but I will do this...there were 24 categories tonite and so we had a little contest here in the Stern residence...I had my co-worker Mike, our friend Chris, Jeff and myself pick possible winners before tonites show and out of 24 categories here is how it came out (I should also say I had two different choices...I had who I wanted to win selections and then who I thought the Globes would pick...boy was I wrong)

Kelly (how i thought the globes would vote) 4 of 24
Mike---7 of 24 (and he did not even choose on all categories)
Jeff---8 of 24
Chris---10 of 24 (and he does not even know half of the nominees---bitch)
Kelly---10 of 24 (these are the picks that I wanted to win)

Brokeback was the big winner tonite with 4 Globes, including Best Pic Drama

I will make more comments on everything tomorrow nite, I hope....I have taken notes...
Geena Davis was tooo funny...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

And the Golden Globe goes to....

Well...the countdown is on. The Globes will be handed out tomorrow night at 8pm EST on NBC and I will be there with bells on and wine in hand. I will try to stay sober enough throughout the nite so I can post my opinions of the nights events. Honestly, I wanted to give my thoughts on each of the categories, but this year there are soooo many good nominees in each category, I would not know where to begin. My only comments right now will be this...I hope Brokeback Mountain does well with its 7 nominations...I hope Felecity Huffman pulls in two Globes for television and movie roles...I hope to see a bunch of drunk actors and actresses on stage having a good time...We will see what the night brings...watch and see...

Movie Post: Transporter 2 DVD (2005)

Car Crashes, Breaking Bones, Smart-Ass Bad Guys...if you like these, then you will love this movie. I have to say, it was a very entertaining movie. If you have surround sound at home and can crank it, this movie would be a good choice. It may be very unbelievable at points, but this movie was not made to make you believe, it was made for entertainment purposes and to this it does succeed. I thought it actually had a decent plot and lots of over the top action. I would say it is worth renting if you get a chance and like the shoot em' up type movies.
Rating: B

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shelly Winters has passed....

Shelley Winters from the Poseidon Adventure has passed away....she was a great character actor and most of the folks my age probably remember her most for her role in as Nana Mary on Roseanne Barr's show...you know, the crazy gran ma...

A new Governor for Virginia...what will he do

Here is the new Governor of Virginia...Tim Kaine...what will he do? Can he continue the Warner legacy?? Let's hope so. I tried to get a photo of his inauguration today, but having internet problems with the photos. Maybe later, but anyway, the next 50 or so days should be interesting in the General Assembly, and how long will it be before the now former Governor, Mark Warner toss his hat (officially) in the ring for 2008 Presidential Race?? Hmmm...stay tuned!

Movie Post: Red Eye 2005 (DVD)

I don't know why I thought this was a horror movie, but it is not. It is very much a suspense thriller and a pretty decent one at that. I connected with this movie because the main character (Lisa) is not to hip on flying and when her flight gets delayed, then the there is the bumpy take off due to weather...Absolut could not produce enough vodka, but she has some cutie guy to help her out. He 'happens' to meet her in line and then they have a drink while waiting for the 'red eye' to Miami. And guess what? He just 'happens' to have the seat next to her...hmmmm. Well, I will not go into the plot, but I will say this... this is a pretty decent movie. I found myself saying 'you go bitch' a couple of times during some of the more tense scenes. For a rainy day like today, with the blinds closed...it is a good thriller...if you get the chance, rent it...it is worth the $4...
Rating: B

Weigh-in: 225.8

Friday, January 13, 2006

Could this be the end to equal rights in Virginia?

Virginia House of Delegates approves a constitutional ban on gay marriage, but it may do more than keep same sex couples from getting married. Times-Dispatch article here.

Text of the Virginia Marriage Amendment
That only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this Commonwealth and its political subdivisions.
This Commonwealth and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance, or effects of marriage. Nor shall this Commonwealth or its political subdivisions create or recognize another union, partnership, or other legal status to which is assigned the rights, benefits, obligations, qualities, or effects of marriage.

Friday the 13th and cell phones...ughhh

So here I sit at 5am...have been awake since I let the dogs out at 4...It is one of those nights where I have so much crap running through my head that I can't sleep....this will make for a long day at work...way to start Friday the 13th...I think there may even be a full moon tonite...I guess there will be some craziness in the air...well the good thing is today is payday, so I should be able to eat for bit longer. As you can tell, I don't have much to say, politcal or otherwise, well let me stop. There was a bill introduced in the Virginia GA today to ban talking on cell phones while driving. I am up in the air on this one...part of me says yes..get these fools who are too wrapped up in conversation while driving to put down their phones and let me merge into traffic...the other side says...what if I am on my way home and Jeff calls and says we need dog food or more importantly, beer or wine...I would hate to get all the way home and then have to go back out because I could not legally answer my phone...regardless, I guess I will have to break down and buy a headset for my phone. That is going to do it for me for now...I have made it to the gym the last three days in a row, so no gym tonite, maybe some blogging...hmmm

weigh-in: 225.0 (top weight since starting Dec. 15th has been 230.6...so going in right direction)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

So, this is how it starts...

The first day of Virginia's General Assembly and the House Priviliges and Elections Committee voted in favor of the ban on same sex marriage in VA. Now it goes to the complete House and Senate...see brief story from the Times-Dispatch. Looks like there is going to be a lot of fighting this one in Richmond over the next 60 days. My belief is that if you really want to get married, do it, it is your life, and you have to live with who you choose. I hope it is true love and last forever, but as we know that isn't always happens. SO, if two people are in love, gay, straight, black, white, asian, hispanic...let them marry. Let them have the rights that marriage brings in times of sickness and in health...but remember, they all have to deal with the same things when it comes to divorce, which, sad to say, happens more time than not (except in Mass. where they have the lowest divorce rate, and allow same sex marriage...hmmm)...Let everyone feel happiness of marriage and sometimes the sadness, but lets be equal. I now step off my soapbox (for the moment).

Weigh-in: 227.4

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hail to the Chief...so the VA General Assembly begins tomorrow....HELP!

SOOOO...I love ABC's new show Commander in Chief. Geena Davis is one bad bitch in this show and I love it (she has been a fav of mine since "Beetlejuice"). If you get the chance, watch it, ABC Tuesdays at 9pm. (Up for a couple of Golden Globes next Monday)
And speaking of politics...they are all in town this week as the Virginia General Assembly is set to begin the 2006 Session tomorrow, and the new Governor will be Inaugurated Saturday in Historic Williamsburg (first time since Thomas Jefferson was Inaugurated).
Current Governor Mark Warner is leaving office with apparent political high hopes, can we say President Warner 2008??? His name is being tossed around with that of Hillary, you know the other Clinton. Will be interesting to see, but he is not leaving quitely. His new budget makes it illegal for discrimination against sexual orientation in the hiring of state employees (KUDOS!!!) and the Governor Elect, Tim Kaine, looks to let this one stay on the books. Then we have this thing call the Marraige Amendment that seems to be sliding into a meeting on opening day with the House Privileges and Elections Committee...if passed by the GA, it will be on the ballots in November and could be a nasty fight to the end with this one, and down to the wires with the voters if it makes to the ballot...stay tuned to this blog for updates and please link to Equality Virginia and the HRC's websites as they follow these important political days.
Weight watch: 227.6 (ate too much at lunch)

Monday, January 9, 2006

Vroom Vroom...new cars I love...

The Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Soltice are two hot cars at the Detroit International Auto Show...I need a house with a 10 car garage...well, I also need to hit the lottery so I can afford to buy these cars...see previous post of the Dodge Challenger. Mustang convertable is still at the top of my list...

Movie Post: Kinsey; Let's talk about sex...

We rented this movie and watched it Friday, just took me a little time to make the movie review. Kinsey is a good movie based on the life of Alfred Kinsey the famed sex researcher. Laura Linney is fast becoming one of my favorite actresses and she plays Kinsey's wife in this movie. (she also recieved and Oscar nomination for this role) The movie follows the life of these two as he dives deeper into his study of human sexuality. You learn alot about what he went through and more importantly, what his wife had to deal with...including his dabbling in homosexuality...If you get the chance rent this movie. It is good story and entertaining along the way.
Rating: B+

Sick day...well...

Okay, so we are chatting online with our friend Carey in Indiana, and he finally goes to take a look at my blog. He is a little pissed that his picture is not included somewhere, so I dug up this picture of us on his birthday in October. Carey is the one in the blue stripped shirt, Chris me and Jeff. and let me tell you...those Cosmo's kicked our ass that night...whew!

I feel kind of bad today, since I called in sick and I'm sitting here playing on the computer, but I just can't shake this damn cold. So I am going to flush the system with juices today and spend some time steaming out my head in the hot tub too...if anything my muscle's wont be sore.

I did make it to the gym yesterday...it was tough, but got through my workout...don't think I will make it today...gonna just get some rest, so I can hopefully make it to work tomorrow...we will see.

Sunday weigh-in: 225.4

Friday, January 6, 2006

Two more funny movie posters...

The movie was great, but here are two more funny-ass takes on the movie poster. thanks to towleroad for these.

Movie Post: Brokeback Mountain 2005

Should you read the short story first? Yes...this is one of the few books that has transferred well to the big screen. Reading the book first will give you good insight to the film and you will see that the movie does stay true to the original story. If you are looking for your typical shoot-em up western...this is not it. If you are looking for a wonderful movie with some great acting and a very good story line...Go see it. The one thing I don't understand is why any person would find offense to the brief sexual encounter in the tent we have all been hearing about. I have seen more graphic scenes on regular television...and much more on the pay channels. This movie is a truly great love story and Heath Ledger does a wonderful job of acting here. What really surprised me was the outstanding job that Jake does in this film, makes me wonder why the Globes did not recognize his performance. Is this movie worth all the hype, maybe. The movie is a slow mover, but never really loses your attention. Even with its minimal dialouge, the movie speaks volumes. With the pain and love in the eyes of these two men and the beauty of the landscape surrounding them this movie tugs at the heart and the mind. Take a tissue, or two or three...It is well worth seeing on the big screen and I hope that everyone gets the chance to see this movie..I will be pulling for Brokeback next week during Globes and I hope that Oscar will recognize the acting of Jake when they hand out their nods at the end of the month.
Rating: A+

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Brokeback fever...in Richmond, VA?

Okay, I was surfing some of my favorite blogs and ran across this on towleroad's blog...With Brokeback Mountain debuting here in Richmond tomorrow, and Richmond being the world headquarters of Marlboro's parent company (Phillip Morris)..this really cracked me up...By the way, towleroad has the most extensive information and news on Brokeback Mountain I have seen. Should note that Brokeback picked up four nominations from the Screen Actors Guild today...I am very excited about seeing this movie...I hope I am not disappointed...

New year resolution update...made it to the gym again today...weight 225.6...wahoo!! only 30.6 more to go...

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

The next hot car!!

Could this be the next hot car. It will debut in Detroit Auto Show on the 8th...Dodge Challenger...if they a throw a ragtop on this, it might overtake the new Mustang as my favorite 'ragtop'...I am really liking these retro style cars coming out...now if I could just win the lottery so I could buy one...anyone got the numbers or just throw money my direction...hehehehe

Today was just another day...I actually made it to the gym today after work. We have moved our membership to Golds Gym which is a lot closer to the house than where we were before, so hopefully, this will make it easier for me to live up to my resolution to loose a few pounds, well a lot pounds...The view is a lot better at the new gym too (if you know what i mean)...I dont really have much to say today...feeling like I am getting a cold...throat hurts, sinus problems...I guess I can thank Jeff for this...

Also..got tickets for "Brokeback Mountains" debut in Richmond on Friday...wahoo...Really looking forward to seeing this movie... I will post review Friday evening when we get back...if I am not to cocktailed...hehehe...well gonna go watch one of the 5 movies Jeff has rented...will post review when done or tomorrow evening...K

Weight: 229.4

Monday, January 2, 2006

Movie Post: Into the Blue (2005) DVD

Take the Bahamas, throw in 4 hot bodies who wear next to nothing, and on top of it, a lot of cool underwater footage, what do you get? Well, this time around, a decent movie. It will not win an Oscar for anyone connected, but it will provide good entertainment for an hour and half or so. The basis of the the story is this. The four hot bodies (Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Scott Caan and Ashley Scott) are diving looking for treasure. They run across a downed cargo plane which happens to have enough coke on it to make Bobby and Whittney happy for a long long long time. They decide against reporting and continue to look for their treasure nearby. One thing leads to another, drug dealers and sleezy police are involved. People are killed and others are hurt, but in the end, a lot of action and pretty good time. If it is a slow day and you want something to look at, eye candy for both sexes, pick this one up.
Rating: B-

Movie Post: Margaret Cho Assassin (2005) DVD

Okay...if you are a Republican, do not rent this DVD. If you are open minded and want to laugh your ass off...but this DVD. I have seen several of Cho's shows thanks to DVD's and again, I am very pleased. I laughed way tooo much. This show was filmed in Washington DC, and of course this did not keep her from trashing Mr. Bush, well she pretty much trashed not only all the politicians, but even the Pope (alive and dead). She is on the edge and speaks her mind with no recourse. With her there is always some tie in to her family, which is usually one of the funniest parts of the show...and she does it again this time around. This time around she is very politically motivated and very funny. Rent it! Rating: A

Movie Rating Post: Three Dancing Slaves (2005) DVD

First of all, this is a French film, so I had to read the movie as I watched it...still did not help it much. It is a story of 3 brothers who have obviously lost their mother and their father has lost control of them. One is in jail, Christophe, he gets out and actually gets his life together, but we only hear of him the first half of the movie...meanwhile, Marc, the middle child is kind of freaky to me...out of control freaky...he gets in trouble with drugs and some drug lord type person yanks him to a bridge, beats the shit out of him and make him throw his cute little puppy to its death...ugghhh. He spends a good portion of the movie wanting to kill the man who did this to him, and eventually freaks out and drives a car into a tree...did not kill him, but he is in a lot of rehab for working limbs again...the child, Oliver is probably the main character of the three. He is grappling with a lot during this movie. His mothers death, his brother spinning out of control and another brother trying to get on with life. He also is trying to figure himself out as he falls in love with another young man. Yeah...but he sees this guy for a while, goes on nice little trip with the guy and has a wonderful time, all this to come home and dump him. This is where we started to loose it. The film does not wrap up a story, or actually tell one for that matter. If you are looking for some good homoeroticism, rent it and don't worry about turning on the caption...French or English, the movie doesn't really make that much sense.
Rating: D

Theatre Review: Chicago, The Musical

Okay, so we headed out New Year's Eve to see the musical Chicago. Now I am a pretty big fan of the movie, I mean what is there not to like about it...great music and great editing made for an multi-Oscar winning film. SO, of course I was curious as to how the stage show that the movie was based on would be. Well, one word---AWESOME!!!! The cast of the road show were great. They sounded wonderful and actually, the stage version is a little funnier than the movie. And regardless of your preference of men or women...there is A LOT of scantily clad eye candy in this show. Enough to make the very few slow parts worth watching. Velma, Roxy and Billy were just as good as the folks in the movie. 'Mama Morton' had a wonderful voice and gave a more gospel sound to the role, but I have to say I liked that one character a bit more in the movie version. Otherwise, if you get to see the traveling tour of Chicago, it is a must see. Rating: A

2006? Already?

Me, Chris and Jeff bringing in 2006

Okay, so I completely missed posting to this blog yesterday...Our friend Chris took up most of the computer time yesterday trying to get his own blog going, among other things. At this point I should say that, Chris, Jeff and I went out New Years Eve to celebrate and Chris crashed here. No sense drinking and driving these days, especially here in Virginia. So we celebrated the first day of the year by just rolling our buzz over from the night before and watched movies all day long. So throughout today during my breaks from cleaning the house and taking down Xmas decorations, I will post several movie reviews and one musical review (we saw Chicago Saturday night). I hope everyone has a wonderful 2006 and I hope to keep this blog rolling and not just a buzz, throughout 2006 and beyond.

New Years Eve was not too bad. Just a little minor drama. My brother (Todd) and his girlfriend (Amanda) came over to our house along with Chris for dinner. We chowed down, had a few cocktails and then Todd and Amanda dropped the us off at the theatre for CHICAGO the Musical. It was awesome!! (check back later today for the review) After that, my brother was suppposed to have picked us up (we were trying not to drink and drive)...well he forgot his cell phone and got into a movie with the girlfriend and her parents and I deleted the phone number from my cell before I could call to have them come pick us up...so after a couple calls to cab companies and getting busy signals (getting a cab NYE is near impossible in Richmond)...we walked back to our house and got Chris's truck and went to the club. Jeff was feeling a little under the weather, so he became our designated driver (THANKS)...at the club we ran into lots of friends we have not seen in a while and brought in the new year on a high note. Jeff still not feeling too well, we headed home kinda early, 1am-ish, and watched a little TV, snacked on some food and had a few more cocktails. Jeff went to bed and Chris and I stayed up a while and played around on the computer. So, all in all, we had a pretty tame New Year. So with that, I now must go clean and organize...K