Thursday, April 28, 2016

When you think you are at the end of your wits...

Someone swoops in and makes your day, month and year thus far.  You know who you are and I am forever grateful.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Looking for an investor

I am now moving on in my life as, Jeff and I are separating and I am working on getting myself more invested in my well being and growing my business.  This is something I should have done a couple of years ago, but I am moving forward and really want to grow my business, but I need temporary funding to really get it off the ground and keep my image out in the public.  To do so, I have expenses and need funding for the business for the next year.  If anyone can or knows of someone willing to take the risk, I am looking at a $30,000 investment (actually broken down only need $27,710, just some padding).  It would be an investment and I am willing work on paperwork in regards to payouts to investor as business grows.  Just asking for one year before repaying any loan that may be offered. Due to health issues and family issues, I have honestly not been as focused as I should have been, but I am now turning the corner and want to succeed and would like to share that with any investor willing to take a chance.  I have already seen growth in this first quarter, and expect it to continue as I will be able to network more and have some good opportunities for marketing.  Please check out my website . I have a good network of people to work with, from financial planners to lawyers and real estate agents. They will compensate my company for work done.  If you are a risk taker and have a little faith in me, I know this venture will be profitable for all involved.  I do have a breakdown of expenses and can also provide my previous and current advertising and social media information.  Thank you!  Spread the word!!

Purple Rain

I know everyone may be getting tired of all the Prince stuff online, but for some of us, he was a big part of our life.  Not that I had ever seen or met the man, but his music was the soundtrack of my high school years, hell, it was prom theme one year.  No matter how aloof he may have been, he was a musical genius.  Purple Rain the album and the movie, I could listen and watch over and over.  I lost my virginity listening to Purple Rain... and over the years, his music carried on with awesomeness... I can't imagine what recordings are in his vault of unpublished recordings... probably some amazing stuff.  Yes, we are paying a lot of attention to this amazing man, but he deserves it.  Who knows what would have come this man in the future, but we do have what he left us... music... RIP Prince.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

It seems 2016 is going to be like 2015...

Folks... I have not been around for a while because there are a lot of things going on in my life right now.  To put it out there, here it goes.  I have been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety.  Several weeks ago a couple of my doctors noticed a slight murmur in my heart. My liver platelets had been on the rise and then last Friday I went to the ER with chest pains, easily exhausted, could not sleep, spitting up blood when I coughed or spit, bloody nose several times that was like faucet you could not cut off, and to top it off, platelet levels had dropped to 22 (normal is 150+)... I mean they were low before, never THAT low.

Personal life... Jeff is moving out at end of the month as we have mutually decided to separate and see how things go before decide on divorce or not.  We are getting along fine during process, but now I am in bind financially as he was the bread winner by far and I no longer have my father to lean on when situations come about like this.  He was my go to guy as a father to talk to and also help out when I would get in tight spot financially.  That well is dry.  There's more to that, but am not at liberty to speak on that just yet.  I am seeing a therapist weekly, psychiatrist about every three months, my primary care doc more often than I wish, liver specialist did sonogram a couple of weeks ago, but ER doc told me to get back to her ASAP, that happens next week.  Also, lined up something with hematologist.

It is pretty bad when you go into your therapist make her eyes water every week...she said I should be taking it easy and worrying about work and just pull my mental health together.  Jeff and I think being a part for a while will do us both good at least a little on the stress side as does my therapist (more to that, but can't really put in online).  I know my drinking habits over the years have a good part to do with what is happening to me, especially with the medications I am on.  I am not a very good patient.  I am taking it one day at a time.  I have applied to see if I am eligible for disability through Social Security Admin (my therapist says 'hell yes') and if so that will help with some finances for a little bit.  I am fortunate I have been surrounded by such good friends here in Richmond and I have many shoulders to cry on if needed.  Basically, I need to get myself healthy and get my shit together... or just win the lottery, that would relieve a lot of my stress or at least make easier to deal with.  My goal is get off the depression and anxiety drugs within the next year, but every time I get rid of one problem, seems another one pops up... just get me down to one or two manageable problems and send me on vacation to San Juan for a month...or Fire Island...

Thanks for hearing me out, but I realized more and more folks ask where I have been hiding.  For business reasons, I did not want to post this on Facebook.  So there you have it. Take care and send me some good mojo as I move into a new phase of my life.


Monday, February 15, 2016

New Family Member....

Our three kids now.... welcome Nanook to the family.

Nanook is a 4 year old Husky rescued from a dog farm in Alabama or Florida with her sisters.... she is sweet (so far) and getting along with Roxy and Zeal.  She is a small dog and needs to gain some weight, which we are sure she will do in our house.  After two days, she is still a little shy, but she loves being outside with Zeal playing and running all over the yard.  It is snowing now, so we will will see how much fun she has in the snow later and I will shoot video and hope all is good

Sunday, January 10, 2016

$1.3 Billion Dollars???

Since no one won (hehehe) the Powerball yesterday,  I have gotten an email and many news updates that the new jackpot will possibly be $1.3 billion dollars this week ($860 million after taxes depending on where you live).  I just wanted to post that if I were lucky enough to win.  Don't look for me or my dogs (maybe my husband)... there will only be one place to look.  My will when I die, most likely with a smile on my face.

Just kidding... I am a media whore and would need the same security as the President.  That much money is too much for someone to have and I have a list of family, friends and organizations who would very well survive on that type of money. I have lived a good life compared to many in the world and if I were to die the day after the check cleared, I would still be happy.

The plus side to winning that big would be helping out people close to my heart and organizations that mean a lot to me... also, hiring hot latino body guards and drivers to service me... well work for me.

That kind of money is more than enough to live on, especially when you have grown up in blue color America... I have a big heart (struggling liver) and would help as many folks as I could, and they know who they are... but I would waste a lot of money on one hell of a party and hopefully have the following in the concert or my bed :)

Just to meet her... and if she sang... even better.

Just to meet him and share a bed... and sing if he wanted

Jake Shears-Siccor Sisters---bed, sing... what eva...

Sing babe sing... our wedding song...

Just because I am a former news guy and loved these two together in the morning

The list could go on and on with music from Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga (and her hot husband), Janet Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Maroon 5, Christina, and on and on, but I must go to bed now and make sure I am well rested for the Golden Globes.