Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Giving up

Do you ever feel like you just want to give up.  Life is short and should not be so fucking stressful.  I am not going to off myself or anything like that, but just sometimes life throws a bunch of shit at you at one time and it sucks.  Right now I want to have my toes in the sand of any fucking beach with my music playing in my ears and not have a worry in the world... but at this pace, that will be 2050 when my ass or ashes are in the ground somewhere.  BLAH!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Breaking News...

While working on stuff today my Facebook and Twitter started going nuts around the same time...
The sad news of the day is the passing of one of the great women of comedy, Joan Rivers.  I kinda expected this would happen after the last week of updates, but still leaves a lump in my throat.  Though she may have been harsh at times, she was very much a funny woman and the world has lost another great comedian in just a short time.  My condolences and prayers to her family and wide, wide, world of friends and fans.  She is a LEGEND.

On the brighter side of the coin, our former Governor was convicted on Federal indictments along with his wife.  I know someone close to the family and that person never really got along with the former Governor and the stories that I have heard from behind the scenes from years ago, this is due justice to the man and his wife.  Though sad for the Commonwealth of Virginia to have this headlining across the country, Karma is a BITCH and she just slapped the hell out of someone.

That is my voice at the moment... lots going on that I need to get ready for, but decided to combine into one post and not ramble too much.  Wish me luck tomorrow, even though you may not know what you are wishing for, but I will tell you, if all goes well, you will see a lot more of me.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Just Bowling Along.

Tonight was the first of 32 weeks of bowling in the local gay/gay friendly bowling league here in the RVA... our team (To Wong Foo) did win all 7 points for the night, but what is amazing is the amount of support we get with our straight counterparts who are part of the league.  They come out, have fun mid-week and just socialize.  Yes, there is competition, but, for the most part, the teams support each other in the sport.  Tonight, our two lanes were just racked with troubles.  During warm-up balls got stuck (hehe), then on one lane all of us kept getting splits handed to us, while the other lane would not return balls... not to mention, I got a scrape on my ball as did a teammate... so the alley is going to fix them for us and for all the delays, all 8 players on our lanes got free food and sodas (would not comp my beer)... I did this last year with the same great 3 folks and we had a good year, placing in the top ten of 22 teams... this year we have grown to 25 or 26 teams and it looks to be very competitive, but will be fun... got to see a lot of folks from last year and then there are new faces we have to meet, but to have this outlet in the middle of the week with such great people is really a nice break from the rest of the world.  I did not post much about it or maybe not at all last season, but this year, I plan to post some highlights, when they happen and just introduce you to another aspect of my life.  Wednesday Night Rainbow League ROCKS! and I look forward to the fun... Thank you to great team members Mary, Ryan, and Jeff (not my husband Jeff) for coming together again for another season.  I look forward to it and hope we crack the top 5 this year...

In other things, I do have a lot on my plate with my business and home life and trying to get things all together.  Trying to focus.  Wish me luck as I have a few things in the works that could make or break me there... but, only time will tell... smooches pooches.

Sorry to see LargeTony leaving the blog world again, hopefully he will come back, even if on rare occasions. Take care Tony.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

I want to blog, but....

I want to blog, but I just don't have it in me.  Lots of things going on in life and I whimper out to Facebook or Twitter.  I will make a blog post soon, just have to wrap my head around a lot going in life and business.  Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!

Just relax and enjoy your time, like Pino and Roxy.  Just sleep it away.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How Stupid Can You Be????

Pino enjoying the ride several years ago...

I know that there has been this thing with ALS videos all over the place on Facebook and all, but also there have been so many stories of parents leaving kids in cars for hours while drinking or whatever.  Then there are the pets who get left in cars too.  All this in the summer when the heat is so high, I even melt when I get in my car.  I just want to say this little rant.  If you are so stupid to leave your kid or pet in a car when the temp outside is any degree, you should suffer the pain of going to jail.  I felt bad this week when I took Pino and Roxy to get their nails done and had to leave them in the car for less than 90 seconds to run around to the other side of the car to let them out... and I had the AC on really cold so they would be comfy... but 90 seconds just to park, get out and let them out.  How can any parent or animal lover get out of a car and leave their child or pet sitting in the heat for just a few minutes and sometimes hours and even worse the death of those kids or pets and just write it off as they "forgot"... Screw them... if you need to go somewhere so bad that you have to be out of your car for a period of time longer than a minute (not even that), then get someone to watch them...Okay.. I will now step down off my soap box and finish my drink and go cuddle with my doggies and husband in very well air conditioned home...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I just made it big in the RVA...  OUTRVA recognized me... yay!  Click Here for link... and also watch their awesome video about our city....