Sunday, January 10, 2016

$1.3 Billion Dollars???

Since no one won (hehehe) the Powerball yesterday,  I have gotten an email and many news updates that the new jackpot will possibly be $1.3 billion dollars this week ($860 million after taxes depending on where you live).  I just wanted to post that if I were lucky enough to win.  Don't look for me or my dogs (maybe my husband)... there will only be one place to look.  My will when I die, most likely with a smile on my face.

Just kidding... I am a media whore and would need the same security as the President.  That much money is too much for someone to have and I have a list of family, friends and organizations who would very well survive on that type of money. I have lived a good life compared to many in the world and if I were to die the day after the check cleared, I would still be happy.

The plus side to winning that big would be helping out people close to my heart and organizations that mean a lot to me... also, hiring hot latino body guards and drivers to service me... well work for me.

That kind of money is more than enough to live on, especially when you have grown up in blue color America... I have a big heart (struggling liver) and would help as many folks as I could, and they know who they are... but I would waste a lot of money on one hell of a party and hopefully have the following in the concert or my bed :)

Just to meet her... and if she sang... even better.

Just to meet him and share a bed... and sing if he wanted

Jake Shears-Siccor Sisters---bed, sing... what eva...

Sing babe sing... our wedding song...

Just because I am a former news guy and loved these two together in the morning

The list could go on and on with music from Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga (and her hot husband), Janet Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Maroon 5, Christina, and on and on, but I must go to bed now and make sure I am well rested for the Golden Globes.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

As Always, Lot's on my mind.

Not going to drag this out.  Getting late.  Thinking a lot about my life and where to go with it.  Was in bed a bit sick this week for two days.  Some of it stomach crap, other was mental things in my head.  I am still here blog world.  Over 10 years and I will keep on going.  I am working on several things and hopefully the changes will lead to less stressful, anxiety filled life.  I am only 45 right now and if I can get my , life, mind and body in a good state, I can enjoy life like anyone should.  That is my plan.  Let's just hope this time around it is a plan that comes to life.  For now, it is late and I am just wanting to crash on sofa and watch The Lost Boys... I know it is cheesy, but one of my favorite vampire movies EVER!!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Feeling emotional

Dad in late 60's and me in late 80's

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pre-Christmas Weekend...

Elaine and Cadence cheesing it up for the camera...

Ricky, Mom, Todd, Cadence and my fat ass at my aunts for Christmas celebration

My little Elf with her bunny on the way to Lynchburg to see family

Cousins!!! Me and Christy... the smart ones...

Brenda and myself... Brenda is a cousin I have not met before if that tells you how big our family is...

Aunt Monkey and me... we laugh and giggle way too much for the rest of the family... she is the best!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Doctors, Doggies, Bowling Oh My!

"Dad, I don't wanna get up... I am too comfy, pet me!"

League night and a teammate kiss for luck... I did bowl 136, 160, 135... I think that has been my best night of the season... usually it is much worse, since my average was a 126...

Daddy Jeff is in NC, let's tear up the bed cuz Daddy Kelly is nicer... well, he just let's us play...

Wind whipped hair.  Sitting waiting for the Liver Specialist for another test.  Now I do not have to see another doctor until March!!!!  Cirrhosis is minimal.  Liver is still chunked full of fat, that should break down over the next few months... Full liver functionality, and blood platelets are at 74, up from 52 a month or so ago (need to get up as close to 150 as possible) have check up with Primary Care in February, Liver Doc in March and Blood Doc in June... So hopefully, liver is on the mend (for the most part)... still no alcohol since October 26th, now just have to cut back on the sweets... Meanwhile, continue sessions with therapist for anxiety and depression, which are holding steady even during the holidays... come on 2016!!

Weather is supposed to be nice Friday, so I think when I drop of Christmas Cards at post office, I will come back and get dogs and take them to dog park to play for a little while and enjoy the scenery that are hot doggie daddies cute pups running and playing.


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