Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pretty Much My Life Right Now

This is a video I ran across today from Nate Ruess.  Astonishing voice, but the words of the song pretty much sum up my 2015 so far.  Video is very well done... just take a look.

Monday, October 5, 2015

It has been a bit...

Bike Race... UCI in Richmond, VA!!!

Steph is going to be a mom soon... and looks like I will be too... arghh!

Again, World class cyclist in the city, and me (not so World Class)

Finally got my NOH8 photo... amazing what professional photogs can do to make you look good...

Friday, September 18, 2015

Oh he remembered

After a coworker emailed him 'Happy Anniversary' because she knew our wedding dates were the same.... mmmm hmmmm...
5 years ago...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hmmmm... what is today?

We will see who remembers....

Monday, September 14, 2015

Another trip to the ER

Spent most of the day in doc in a box and ER having my eye checked out... wish there was a good story behind, but not... when I got up late this morning and looked in mirror, had huge amount of blood in eye and a little bit of numbing of face...doc in a box sent me to ER where I had CT scan, and I do still have brain, but no hemorrhaging... for the last few weeks, I have been to a couple of doctors due to a low palate count of around 40 (should be 150 to 400) scheduled for specialist next month to look at my swollen spleen and liver. blood not flowing like it should between the two... so cross your fingers... while in hospital today, I was in triage section where just curtains separated me and the person they brought in who apparently coded and sounded like an episode of ER with so many nurses and doctors... I broke down thinking this was the same thing my dad went through when they tried to save his life... they had to move me far away a give me drugs to calm me down I was so upset while waiting for CT and blood results... everything is fine... it is possible the puppy caught my eye this morning her paw and caused hemorrhage of blood vessel in the, much like a bruise, doctor says it should heal itself in 4 or 5 days... just now strenuous work or poops to strain blood vessels until healed and see specialist... really one of the worse years of my life right now... thanks to my husband Jeff for being there for me and making me feel better...Love everyone... take care and do something nice for somebody!!! I was fortunate today, but there was someone just feet away from me who was not so lucky.

A little rain never hurt no one... PRIDE 2015

Saturday was our big PRIDE Event here in Richmond on Brown's Island.  Though we had a few rain showers and a huge downpour at one point, the event was awesome.  Thanks to Continental Westhampton, Outback on West Broad Street and Nacho Mama's for gift cards and coupons for visitors to my tent!

The bridge over the canal leading to the island with all the different rainbow flags.

Me and my booth trying to sell some insurance...
The Attorney General for Va, Mark Herring stopped by for a little chat... I did not break any laws that he knew of...

The booth just down from me. Slurp!

During the downpour I met some great people who hid from rain under my tent... they were awesome and funny as hell...

Though my doggies did not make it to Pride, others came by for the free treats I was handing out and some water and this little guy Vegas, I did not want to let him go... toooo cute

My bowling buds came by for a while, Gil and Ryan among others throughout the day

My niece showing off her rainbow unicorn t-shirt

Brother Todd and niece who saved the day by bringing me some food....

Closing down, the skyline of Richmond from the island

Afterwards, my best friend Sloan and a couple of other friends met me up the street from the house for a few beers and to catch up on things. I was so good to see them.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Quick family visit..

For Labor Day, we made a last minute drive down to my mom's farm to meet up with her and our sisters.  The first time all the 'kids' had been together at one time in years.  I was a nice day.  Weather was a tad warm at times, but there was a breeze on the farm.  We cooked out and caught up and mainly talked about all of our doggies.

My Mom, Cadence and brother Todd

Mom and Ricky made a tire swing for Cadence to play on.

I have a feeling there will be one in her yard at some point in the near future.

All the kid's and spouses (Jeff had stomach bug and could not make the two hour road trip), Brandon, Maegan, Me, Caleb, Morgan, Cadence and Todd

And all of us together Mom and Ricky

It was a nice quick visit... but 5 hours on the road during the day can wipe you out.  It was good to see everyone and hopefully we will be able to see everyone again at Christmas and get up to Lynchburg to see Elaine (my step mom) and other family, if not before then.