Sunday, August 31, 2014

I want to blog, but....

I want to blog, but I just don't have it in me.  Lots of things going on in life and I whimper out to Facebook or Twitter.  I will make a blog post soon, just have to wrap my head around a lot going in life and business.  Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!

Just relax and enjoy your time, like Pino and Roxy.  Just sleep it away.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How Stupid Can You Be????

Pino enjoying the ride several years ago...

I know that there has been this thing with ALS videos all over the place on Facebook and all, but also there have been so many stories of parents leaving kids in cars for hours while drinking or whatever.  Then there are the pets who get left in cars too.  All this in the summer when the heat is so high, I even melt when I get in my car.  I just want to say this little rant.  If you are so stupid to leave your kid or pet in a car when the temp outside is any degree, you should suffer the pain of going to jail.  I felt bad this week when I took Pino and Roxy to get their nails done and had to leave them in the car for less than 90 seconds to run around to the other side of the car to let them out... and I had the AC on really cold so they would be comfy... but 90 seconds just to park, get out and let them out.  How can any parent or animal lover get out of a car and leave their child or pet sitting in the heat for just a few minutes and sometimes hours and even worse the death of those kids or pets and just write it off as they "forgot"... Screw them... if you need to go somewhere so bad that you have to be out of your car for a period of time longer than a minute (not even that), then get someone to watch them...Okay.. I will now step down off my soap box and finish my drink and go cuddle with my doggies and husband in very well air conditioned home...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I just made it big in the RVA...  OUTRVA recognized me... yay!  Click Here for link... and also watch their awesome video about our city....

Monday, August 11, 2014

Nano-Nano RIP

I have been a bit out of the loop lately in the blog world, but news tonight of the passing of Robin Williams has struck me hard.  The last time I dropped a tear for the loss of someone in the entertainment industry was for Lucille Ball.  Not that others who have passed had a place in my life have not mattered, but this one caught me off guard.  Really because I never would have figured Robin to be depressed, especially to the extent to take his own life.  If I knew he was going to be on a talk show or host a show or anything, I would make sure I tuned in or at least caught it on YouTube.  From Mork and Mindy and since, he has amazed me with his humor and his talent as an actor.  Scrolling through Facebook tonight, I think a lot of people are a little surprised.

I have pretty much been out of the loop myself as I am somewhat battling my own demons, which one of them probably could be classified as depression.  This is a serious disease and some folks just can't handle it. Mental health has become a large part of our society these days and yes, people need help.  Fortunately, I have family and friends to lean on, but when it comes down to just never know what will kick you over the edge. I work with the Fan Free Clinic here in Richmond and a majority of our services have changed over to the mental health side of things.  This is a serious problem in our culture these days.  No matter what your background or status level in society, we all have issues and they have to be addressed. We are pressured from all sides of life from family, work, friends and society in general to be something. And, sad to say, sometimes that pressure pushes some people over the edge, as it may have done with Robin Williams.  If you or someone you love is on that edge, please seek help.  Sometime sitting down with someone you don't know and talking it all out can make the biggest difference in the world, and likely save your life.

Again, my condolences to the family of Robin Williams.  He was a great entertainer and did a lot for humanity from raising money with Comic Relief to making the world laugh and cry with his great performances.  RIP.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Belated Thank You!

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and presents and cards and food and booze... You all are way to nice for what you did this year,  Mary for organizing Drag Dinner at Godfrey's and for all those who showed up to celebrate with me... I had a blast!!! My family and friends are the best and I could not be more fortunate to have you all in my life. THANK YOU!!

 Birthday Drink...
 Me and the kids...
Gifts and cards... THANK YOU!!! There are a couple I don't know who they are from, but thank you... and thank you to my best friend Sloan for taking me out for drinks and a round of gold over the 4th of July...

I love you all and you do not know how much I appreciate everything. Hugz!!

Friday, July 18, 2014


As we get older, we are supposed to get wiser... blah!  As I make this turn to 44 I have to reflect back on a very tough year 43.  I quit my job.  Started my own business.  Had a seizure.  Had a huge panic attack. Got the flu. And several other setbacks  between August and February.  Financially, I have struggled, but after all clear from doctors on head and heart issues, I am coming back.  The last couple of months have been better.  Just wish is would have been sooner than now.  I am fortunate to have great family and friend support through all of this up and down shit.  So, I am hoping that 44 will be the year that things really happen.  I thank you all for your support of me over the years, from gifts to donations to Fan Free Clinic to just being there to listen.  I am more focused now and have been for last couple of months and hope to keep down that trail.  I could not do it without your love and support.  Especially from my husband Jeff.  We are stressed to the max with all that is going on, but our friends and family have been there around us for support.  That is what life is about and I am so very grateful for the people in our lives who have been there and continue to be there for us.  Thank you.  That is the best birthday present anyone could ask for.  Cheers to another year and hope it is better than worse.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throw back Thrusday

I have posted this before, but since it is Throwback Thursday and my birthday is tomorrow, I figured a picture of me in my birthday suit when I was 1 year old, would be appropriate.  You have to be very special to see me in my current birthday suit as it is 44 years old, fat, out of shape and not as pretty as it used to be... LOL!!

See Amazon Wish List link to your upper right of page, or make a donation to Fan Free Clinic.  Thank You!!